Elettrochimica Valle Staffora

“The incredible discoveries of chemistry strongly express the magic of nature.”

This is how Johann Wolfgang von Goethe described the fascination of chemistry, namely the science defined as central being the link between other natural sciences such as astronomy, physics, material sciences, biology and geology.

As Elettrochimica Valle Staffora we are proud to contribute every day to this inestimable heritage that regulates every aspect of nature, of daily life and of everything that surrounds us.

Since 1930 Elettrochimica Valle Staffora operates in the distribution of chemical raw materials and has been working ever since to identify solutions that improve the quality of our lives and the ones of our future generations.

Elettrochimica Valle Staffora creates added value for its customers and suppliers with its ethical, skilled and transparent approach towards the market, the society and the environment

Thanks to the proven experience of a team of professionals that operates with skill and passion, Elettrochimica Valle Staffora has created an important position in the landscape of chemical distribution, combining professionalism, quality and innovation with a widespread presence in various production industries.

From food and animal nutrition to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, from handicraft to industrial and fine chemicals, from paints to rubber and resins to water treatment: Elettrochimica Valle Staffora is the right partner of your choice. Since 2019 EVS is part of the OQEMA Group, an internationally active distribution company for basic chemicals and specialties headquar­tered in Mönchenglad­bach, Germany. We are a family company by tradition and conviction. Always reliable. Always responsive. Always on-site. And that, meanwhi­le, for 90 years.